Messy Humiliation *Updated*

Ministry of Mess
Messy Humiliation *Updated*

Sweet and Sour.

  Both Venus and Jenna Jay have been sent before the board, for a revue of their conduct. Though both ladies don't seem to have a care in the world that may be in messy jepoardy. So we set about teaching them otherwise. Both ladies are cuffed up, so they have no way to defend themselves from the barrage of food, cooking sauce's, custard, paint, flour, etc, etc. These ladies are constantly given the full works for over 34minutes. Both ladies openly scream and beg as food is literally forced everywhere!! Then it's onto their beloved work outfits, skirts are destroyed, blouse's are torn to shreds, will they beg for their lingerie? Then suddenly there is an annoucement regarding Jenna Jay, without warning they strip the bitch for what she has done?? Then more food if thrown over their naked bodies. The ladies are forced to beg in the gunge pit for their jobs. Fail even more mess, pass maybe, just maybe they keep their job?

Custard, Paint and Salad cream treatment!          

Venus gets Humiliated.

Cheesy Fanny Venus!

Jenna Jay in a Sticky Situation.

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Alisha's Agony.

 Alisha has been sent for review by her company for being a dirty flirt with the customer's. The company have got so pissed off with Alisha, they have paid for double the amount of normal mess used during a review. Alisha is forced to wear her white crisp work blouse, skirt and stocking and suspenders, though her bra to support her 32gg Breasts has been stolen!! Watch as Alisha suffers a non stop barrage of verbal abuse and mess, tomato soup, eggs, treacle, custard, porridge, chicken soup, yazoo, mayonaise, flour At one point she is hosed down with both brown sauce and tomato sauce at the same time! Though she continues to flirt as her white blouse is obliterated under the torrent of mess thrown over it. Then suddenly they review steps up a pace and her outfit is destroyed by having it torn to pieces, then more humilation to her 32gg tits, porridge, flour, custard, followed by more soup. Still this bitch persits in flirting, so we tear her stocking and suspenders to pieces, rip her nickers off, and deluge her tits and pussy in tomato puree, then gunge her pussy, finally washing her down with undiluted cordial. Will this bitch ever learn.....     

Alisha Questioned.


Covered in disugsting soups!


Don't you Dare!

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Mistress Splosh's Food Torture.

 Our gorgeous Page 3 models India and Candie have been very naughty girls and have been sent to Mistress Splosh and her willing assistant Sgt Slime for punishment. In the Mess Chamber the girls suffer the humiliation of pieing, food-torture and being seriously gunged. Should we do this to the models....? Oh yes!!! Mistress Splosh knows how to handle these silly girls, and is soon tearing and destroying their smart office clothes and sexy lingerie to make sure they get the session they really want! Watch as the girl willing go through, lashing of custard, gallons of goo, get saturated and splattered, clothes filled with food, all this just gets the girls in a clothes ripping mood!


India's Torture.

Candie's Custard Panties.


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Holly says Goodnight. 

Holly Goodnight has been brought in for revue after causing a riot in the cash and carry where she works. It would appear she's jealous of Axa Jay's desert isle, so she decided to trash it. Axa is brought in to dish out the treatment to Miss Holly Goodnight, her smart uniform is destoryed, with pies, custard, yazoo, flour, yogurt, but to name a few. Of course we had to make sure that Miss Goodnights uniform and lingerie are also trashed by ripping them to bits. Though Miss Goodnight makes a mistake by wearing blue, satin panties, which fill with everything possible. Then just for jollies we put them on her head.  


Holly in Trouble


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Compost Corner.

 Eden has also been flirting whilst at work, so she has been forced to join Paige for a revue. Paige is now naked after her problems. Paige wastes no time in setting about destroying Eden, she is soaked in condensed milk, deluged in custard, totaled with tomato juice. Salad cream massaged into her hair. Eden claims she can take anything, so she is handcuffed from behind. Then its time for compost and cooking oil down the cleavage. Next on the list paint in the hair and face, also painted into her blouse, heavy pie in the face. Tomato ketchup in the bra, a dumping of flour. Pean and ham soup, in the hair. Mushy peas in the panties. Clothes destruction, brown sauce smeared into her breasts, followed up with flour and green gunge. Then Eden is forced onto the floor, her ass and butt crack are coated with mayoniase, with even more flour. Paige then gunges herself with the crap off the floor. Then just for jolly's Eden is humilated some more.      


Paige's Bollocking

Compost Corner


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Paige's Pain.

Paiges conduct is under revue, due to making a mistake in the bank of money. So she needs to be taught a lesson, even worse she's been flirting with the customers whilst in her company uniform. Eden Mayhem is brought into dish out the products. So we start with beans in her hair, followed by chicken soup down the top, eggs in the hair and face & cleavage, cooking oil over the head, smeared into her top, then the handcuffs come out! Then its time for oxtail soup, tomato pasta sauce, custard, spagetti hoops, yazoo, blue gunge, flour and Jam! If thats not bad enough used motor oil, then whilst handcuffed, her uniform is torn to sheds and panties filled to bursting, then removed...     



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